Twitter Outages Freak People Out


The millisecond Twitter fails to load, cybernauts all around the world lose their minds. They go bananas. During today’s Twitter outage, people bickered about such tragedy on Facebook, Google +, YouTube, and the rest of their social networks. The funniest part about this overly aggravating hitch is that articles have been written about it in newspapers and broadcasted globally on television. But guess what… the outage lasted a little over an hour. One hour. A Twitter outage is not an apocalypse. Millions of individuals access Twitter every day and outages are not common. It is monumental that an hour-long event such as a Twitter outage is covered absolutely everywhere. It definitely says something about Twitter’s popularity and users’ dependence on it. Twitter should figure out what exactly is causing the problem because if outages keep on happening, individuals will switch to other social media alternatives. Another outage took place in June and Twitter blamed it on a bug. So where’s that bug spray?


Netflix Goes Global


Netflix has experienced slower and even negative growth these past few months. Now that it’s back to positive earnings, Netflix plans to establish itself abroad. Though not set in stone, many speculate its next targets are European markets. Netflix started offering their service to Canadian households a couple of years ago. Then, they shifted to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Now it’s time for Netflix to reach non-English speaking customers. Netflix may feel a bit wary since success did not ensue in Latin American markets. Slow and choppy internet connections and difficulties to pay for the subscription don’t make Netflix a very attractive service. In Europe, Netflix can take advantage of their content in Spanish and launch in Spain. I have some reservations about their potential success or failure in Spain and other European countries, especially Mediterranean countries. Spain’s and Italy’s cultures don’t necessarily look down upon piracy. I’m sure many would agree that Spanish and Italian cultures cater to shrewd wisdom: “If I can get something for free, then why would I ever pay for it?” It is not punished, either. Individuals rarely have incentives to spend money on DVDs if they can just watch movies online for free. It will be interesting to see what the outcome ends up being!

Another Favorite Online Store: BaubleBar


BaubleBar straightforwardly claims on their website that they are “your destination for designer jewelry at guilt-free prices.” I don’t beg to differ. BaubleBar has been on my radar for a few months and I am still waiting for the day I cave in and invest in their distinguished gold monogram necklace featured on U.S. Weekly. How does BaubleBar maintain such competitive pricing? They rid themselves of the intermediary; no middleman links the original designer or supplier of each piece to BaubleBar. Customers may be thrown off by the reasonable pricing at first. In reality, similar pieces can be found at local jewelers, but more expensive nonetheless. To top it off, BaubleBar offers free shipping, free returns, a $10 discount on the first order, and “Buried Baubles” or jewelry items with special discounts hidden on the website every so often. This online jewelry retailer is convincing e-shoppers that if one can purchase handbags, shoes, and clothing on the web, then why not jewelry?


YouTube’s New Business Model

ImageIt’s hard to picture how a site as popular as YouTube is profitable from just advertising. But YouTube has evolved into an advertising method far more efficient than TV. YouTube has partners with six-figure earnings, drawing in advertisements of large multinational companies such as Unilever. Although it’s impossible to measure the exact return on investment (ROI) of YouTube ads as opposed to TV ads, the companies who advertise can roughly gauge the ROI based on a video’s views. YouTube has gone a long, long way since 2005. This year, you can even watch the Summer Olympics through YouTube!

New Favorite Online Store:

Image has it all figured out. It is the United Kingdom’s largest online retailer and has built its presence in almost 200 other countries. Why is an example of outstanding E-commerce? The answer is simple: free shipping all over the world.’s shipping is efficient, free, and so are its returns. ASOS targets its clothing to both men and women from their teen years to their late thirties and recently launched a toddler and elementary school boys and girls line. ASOS fashion follows the trends and offers very unique pieces, from clothing to accessories to beauty products. What it doesn’t sell on its website is channeled to “ASOS outlets” such as BrandAlley. Thus, this online retailer attracts shoppers with a wide variety of spending propensities. Shopping on ASOS is easy. For each clothing item, the website shows a short clip of a model sporting the item. ASOS has quickly gained popularity in the countries to which it has expanded and has already branched out internationally during its early years. I can’t wait for my latest order to ship! Word’s on the street that some of the Jebbit young ladies might have an unhealthy obsession with…Image

New Jebbit Campaign: 1DollarScan!


Check out the newest campaign on Jebbit: 1DollarScan! 1DollarScan is an online service that makes digital copies of books, pictures, business documents, business cards, magazines, and greeting cards. You can then access those files from a smartphone or a tablet. 1DollarScan charges $1 per set of items to be scanned. Now you don’t have to spend hours scanning your old baby pictures, cropping, resizing, and rotating them, and finally renaming them on your computer; 1DollarScan does it for you. Go on to access this awesome campaign!


Rent the Runway: Love, Wear, Return!

Rent the Runway is one of the most famous E-commerce sites in the fashion world. This New York City based company founded by two Harvard graduates allows you to literally “rent the runway.” You can browse through over 25,000 high-end designer dresses and rent them at affordable prices. If you are unsure about what size fits best, you can rent another size free of charge. Once you order a dress, you can keep it for either 4 or 8 days. Mailing it back could not be easier; you just need to find your closest mailbox. The New York Times nicknamed Rent the Runway “the Netflix of fashion.” Haute couture is finally at the finger tips of college students! It takes twenty seconds to sign up for Rent the Runway. You can use the following invite link:

Lose it! App Review

Freshman 15. It’s a phrase we all dreaded as we entered our first year of college, where late-night studying led to unhealthy eating habits. Draining countless cups of coffee while munching on overly fried chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks became a nightly ritual for many of us as we struggled to stay awake while reading Aristotle and Kant. Sad to say, by the end of my freshman year I had gained the infamous freshman 15. Continue reading

Twitter Takes Over Mobile Advertising


It’s no secret that advertising sustains Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Mobile advertising, specifically, has given Twitter the opportunity to grow at break-neck speed. About 60% of users’ Twitter activity happens through cell phones and smart phone applications. Mathew Ingram, author of the article “Has Twitter done with mobile ads what Google and Facebook can’t?”, explains: Continue reading

Jonny Lacoste Featured on the White House Website!

Jonny already epitomizes what it is to be a leader on campus. He won the Nicholas H. Woods Award earlier this year at Boston College and now he is showcased on the White House website. In this video, Jonny explains his experience with his mentor to explore the world of business and startups in greater depth. Congratulations, Jonny!