Mashable is one of my favorite sources when I’m fishing for tech news and a graphic comparing the growth of the largest tech companies in the U.S. really caught my eye. This graph shows the growth of each company during the first semester of 2012. I did not expect LinkedIn to be first on the list. LinkedIn’s revenue has grown 94% according to Statista. I would usually think of Apple or Facebook as the tech monsters but growth is a different factor than size or popularity. LinkedIn is a professional network, an online resumé, of roughly 175 million users. Facebook, on the other hand, is more indiscriminate and has almost reached 1 billion users worldwide. LinkedIn and Facebook are barely comparable not only size-wise but mission-wise. It is not surprising that Apple’s revenues continue to rise and also Netflix, which is migrating to Europe and gaining a broader customer base. The mere 5% of Microsoft’s growth makes me wonder what Microsoft can possibly do to revamp their image and products. Maybe entering the tablet market? And hope for the success that vanished soon after the release of the Windows phone.



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