I visited Unilever’s new Barcelona offices at the Viladecans Business Park 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Mediterranean capital. I walked in with a vague idea of their market position and brands they carry. I walked out three hours later with a whole new perception of one of the world’s largest multinationals and the indisputable top ice cream maker. Unilever revamped their image in the early 2000’s after noticing their products lost spunk in supermarkets. They definitely overcame this obstacle by making the brand more sexy to consumers… by assigning Eva Longoria a starring role in Magnum ice cream commercials, for instance. Unilever products are present in almost every household. In fact, 5 billion Unilever products are consumed each day. Their most popular brands include: Axe, Ben and Jerry’s, Lipton, TRESemmé, Magnum, Dove, Vaseline, and Hellmann’s. Two employees gave an excellent presentation about the company and what struck me the most were the work dynamics. Working five days a week is completely normal, but you can choose of those days to work from home. Because of its multinational status, Unilever encourages employers to experience other cultures and take jobs in other countries to further develop their skills. Unilever highlights the importance of an interconnectedness with all 180 countries in which their products are sold. I noticed that the office space was well-lit, had a horizontal row of windows on every side and floor of the building, and the predominant colors were white, lime green, orange, and yellow. Unilever also has resting areas with ice cream refrigerators, hair salons, and washing machines so employers can test Unilever products at work. The bottom floor has a small supermarket that sells Unilever products at factory price. Overall, I loved their facilities! The individuals giving the presentation and tour also emphasized that their internship programs for college graduates and masters students are an ideal way to get to know the company and potentially be hired by them. In Barcelona, Unilever hired 10 individuals this year from over 1,500 applicants. Scoring a job at Unilever is competitive to say the least.

Unilever office resting area

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fridge

Soup section at the company’s supermarket


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